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Working with Families

KidSafe convenes the Chittenden County Child Protection and Family Support Team (CPFST). This interagency multi-disciplinary team develops plans for community based services to support children and families and to protect victims from further harm.

TO MAKE A CPFST REFERRAL:  Call KidSafe (802-863-9626) and download the referral packet.  
If you would like to consult about a situation, please call. A team meeting is one option, but there may be other ways to improve the safety of the children you are concerned about.


Two Teams to Improve Family Safety

Our community offers an array of supports and services to families in crisis.  To be effective and ensure that children are safe, it is essential that their parents or other primary caregivers have access to coordinated services.  That’s where KidSafe comes in:

Child Protection and Family Support Team (CPFST)

Connects: Families in crisis/kids at risk with services and supports

The need – one example: A young couple, parents of an 8-month-old, have been homeless and living at a campsitewith the child, do not own a car, lack employment, and struggle with substance abuse.  At the same time, they want what is best for their little girl. 

The response: A KidSafe Child Protection and Family Support Team meeting brings together the key service providers who can help the family, gathered around the same table. Together the participants identify support services and actions that can improve safety for the children and strengthen the family. 

A CPFST meeting:

The intensive team approach can transform lives.


Children and Recovering Mothers Team (CHARM)

Connects:  Women who are expecting or have recently delivered babies and have a history of opiate dependence with coordinated prenatal care and substance abuse treatment – to improve health for both mothers and babies. 

The need -- one example: A single woman has learned that she is pregnant.  She is overjoyed but also worried – she has a history of substance abuse.  In her case, the substance is Oxycontin, a prescription painkiller that is highly addictive.  She’s tried treatment before.  This time, she is much more motivated to stay with treatment, but can she?  KidSafe brings together a team that will support her health progress and track her attendance at pre-natal care and substance abuse counseling.  Any obstacles to her attendance will be identified and addressed – issues like a lack of transportation.  The goal:  improved health for mom and baby. 

A CHARM meeting:

CHARM in the news:

How Far Along? How Vermont Delivers Help for Pregnant Women With Opioid-Use Disorder - Seven Days 

Personal story: “I never meant to become a heroin addict” - Burlington Free Press

A Collaborative Approach to the Treatment of Pregnant Women with Opioid Use Disorders - Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (CHARM Case Study Appendix 5)


What do participants say?  Some representative comments:

                   - CPFST provider participants

                  - CPFST family participants


TO MAKE A CPFST REFERRAL:  Call KidSafe (802-863-9626) and download the referral packet.  If you would like to consult about a situation, please call. A team meeting is one option, but there may be other ways to improve the safety of the children you are concerned about.


CPFST Referral Packet.pdf (Printable PDF Download)