Together we can keep kids safe from abuse and neglect
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"The State of Vermont’s family services staff cannot always open a case – even where there is cause for concern.  That’s where KidSafe can be invaluable, getting supports in place before a tragedy happens.”  
- Marc Carr, VT Department for Children and Families, Family Services, Burlington, District Director

"KidSafe keeps moving forward the agenda of child abuse and neglect prevention in Chittenden County.”
- Jane Helmstetter, VT Agency of Human Services, Field Services Director

“When a child is in danger, parents often need multiple supports, from multiple agencies. So we must have someone whose only ‘agenda’ is to keep everyone focused on child safety. That someone is KidSafe.” 
- Ellen Sklar, Victim Services Specialist, State of Vermont

“The work that the KidSafe Collaborative undertakes is directly relevant to our belief that every child needs a safe environment in which to grow. Every child should feel safe at home.” 
- Steve Loyer, President, Tech Group and Tech Vault

"No one was shaking their heads at us or judging us, they were there to help.” 
- Parent participant, Child Protection Team meeting

“Thank you for all your help and support.” 
- Anonymous parent, Child Protection and Family Support Team meeting