Together we can keep kids safe from abuse and neglect
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What does the KidSafe Collaborative do? 

KidSafe works to improve our community-wide response to child abuse and neglect

The group works at both the local family level and the community and statewide policy level.


What exactly does KidSafe do to prevent and address child maltreatment?

At the core of KidSafe’s work are two community level Child Protection Teams

KidSafe’s Child Protection and Family Support Team:

KidSafe’s CHARM (Children and Recovering Mothers) Team:  

                In leading both of these teams, KidSafe Collaborative:

What about DCF? Isn’t child protection their responsibility?  

Yes and no. Vermont’s DCF, Family Services Division has a clear mandate to protect children but works within a relatively narrow set of definitions and procedures. 

What does KidSafe do on the policy level?

Is KidSafe involved in the effort to report child abuse and neglect?   


Are there any other organizations doing the work that KidSafe does?  

  KidSafe is the one Chittenden County community-based agency whose primary focus is the improved community response to and prevention of child abuse and neglect.  We work closely with our partner agencies:

How many children does KidSafe Collaborative help in a typical year?

KidSafe serves approximately 400 to 450 children and parents/caregivers per year -- in addition to the many Vermonters trained annually to report abuse and neglect.

How does that number compare to the scope of the problem? 

 In 2017, DCF accepted 929 cases for intervention in Chittenden County alone.  That represents 38 classrooms filled with 24 children and youth – each.