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Good Deed Days

Do “good deeds” and raise funds to support KidSafe!

Here's how it works:
Like a walk-a-thon, participants ask friends and family to sponsor their activities 
-instead of per-mile, per good deed! 

Register to do “good deeds" between now and November 29, gather your sponsors and THEN get DOING!

Register at

 A generous donor will match your sponsor dollars up to $2500.
Good deeds will benefit our community and the donations benefit KidSafe Collaborative!


What are good deeds?

Good deeds can be whatever you choose big or small!

1. Bring dinner to a homebound neighbor

2. Bring needed supplies to one of our partner organizations

3. Rake leaves around your neighborhood 

How do I get sponsors?

Just like a walk-a-thon, ask your friends, family, and neighbors to sponsor you for your chosen deeds, instead of the mile. The following language can be helpful.

1. “For every $10 you donate to KidSafe, I commit to spending 10 minutes picking up trash in my neighborhood.

2. “For each $50 of support I receive, I will send 5 greeting cards to people shut in at this time.”

3. “Will you contribute X ($) for my doing Y (good deed)?”